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http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 22 y/o  flag Davao, Philippines
Im Single and looking for those who like "trip"....
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 27 y/o  flag Muntinlupa, Philippines
Hi! I'm new here, looking for friends, have a meaningful conversation and maybe start something else. I can be your personal tour ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 18 y/o  flag imus, Philippines
i am looking for men who has the power to love as me :))
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 25 y/o  flag tagum, Philippines
simple and irresistable temptating
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 23 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
I am a funny type of guy but now i am desperate to find someone who could love me.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 27 y/o  flag Makati / Quezon City, Philippines
Bago lang dito. Try lang. :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 43 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
Hairy foreigner looking for discreet pinoy for no strings attached friendship in and out of bed.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 22 y/o  flag Balanga, Philippines
Im handsome, playful, manly and happy go lucky.Im interested to try some fun  
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 24 y/o  flag dagupan, Philippines
tall and slim.. loving, caring and friendly
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 26 y/o  flag Davao City, Philippines
I love sensible conversation with people, I'm a bit weird person but I know how to mingle with people. There are alot of about me ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 23 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Ewan ko di ko nga alam eh
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 23 y/o  flag Calamba, Philippines
virgin naghahanap ng sarap simpleng malibog
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 21 y/o  flag davao city, Philippines
WELL ABOUT ME?simple person with a BIG, BIG, BIG hEART:DI ako mahirap paligayahin or psayahin as long as mahal ako ng taong yun wa...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 24 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
Fresh and Young and ready to have fun with
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 28 y/o  flag baliuag, Philippines
Simple. Looking for sexy muscular gaymen. Not into girly type.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 24 y/o  flag Cagayan de oro city, Philippines
Simple, friendly etc.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 36 y/o  flag London, United Kingdom
I am a nice filipino guy who is staying in London for just a short term assignment from work. I would like to meet up with nice gu...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 27 y/o  flag General Santos, Philippines
looking for a long time partner.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 32 y/o  flag Paris, France
im kind of nice person just having a look here
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 20 y/o  flag iloilo city, Philippines
Curious college guy. ;)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 21 y/o  flag zamboanga city, Philippines
am always horny hhehe cause i am teenager ..wanna have fun?? lol just kidding...i just want a relationship and just a decent chat ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 25 y/o  flag caloocan, Philippines
hanap ka SEB.. ^_^ mabait slim gwapo walang buhok sa kili kili maputi  
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 34 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
Im a discreet guy who still doesn't have experience in sex. I love watching web shows.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 29 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Looking for mature discreet bottom
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 20 y/o  flag Marikina City, Philippines
Love ADVENTURES and I'm curious about it.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 30 y/o  flag laoag city, Philippines
new guy here xxxxxxxxx
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 24 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
simple, laid back, chill.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 30 y/o  flag Khobar, Saudi Arabia
IM easy going person and wanna meet people and have some cool experiance!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 28 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
Hi..I'm Sean.. Let's talk usap tayo
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 28 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
discreet man here straight acting and i am looking for the same. . .  fantasicing to hook up to a married man. . . 
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 21 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
I am tall, dark and nevermind. :D I am sweet, gentleman and very approachable person specially when you need something help. (Bast...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 19 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
Ask Me anything you'd want :) I can speak decent english , Pinoy/Filipino here , feel free to ask anything .
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 19 y/o  flag Cavite, Philippines
A guy looking for fun
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 18 y/o  flag San fernando pampanga, Philippines
From pampanga. Hahaha
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 26 y/o  flag ncr, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 27 y/o  flag Bayombong, Philippines
Im looking for a great partner who can make me happy
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me ask me
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag pasig, Philippines
Lovable...lol, Fun,nice to be with.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 27 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
im gerald, 27 years old, 5'11, moreno, balbon. looking for new friends
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 27 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
you should be hot enough ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 20 y/o  flag Navotas, Philippines
HI there cutie here want to have a serious partner loyal, trustworthy, and lovable most of all im sweet and caring to the one i'm ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 35 y/o  flag riyadh, Saudi Arabia
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 22 y/o  flag tarlac, Philippines
Chinito, at mabango ....typ ko.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 24 y/o  flag Candelaria, Philippines
Just an asexual guy tired of forcing to love girls... maybe i'll try to love a man and see if something happens....
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 26 y/o  flag Masbate City, Philippines
White Skin and Chinito.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 28 y/o  flag makati, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 21 y/o  flag Candon City, Philippines
Some people come in your life as blessing. Some come in your life as lesson.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 29 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
just me looking for someone
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 22 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
I am very simple, but still quite conservative. I love surfing the internet and chatting.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 21 y/o  flag Cavite, Philippines
I am new here. Nice to meet you.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 20 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
AutoBiography Hi! My name is Kierl Ynez. I'm 16 years old, and I live in Manila, Philippines. I'm entering first year college th...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 23 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
Submissive and love being used
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 31 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
i have been in an almost 8 years of same sex relationship but we turned out be separated, he has a dream to fulfill so who am i to...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 21 y/o  flag kidapawan, Philippines
I don't know what to write in here.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 24 y/o  flag sagay city, Philippines
Hey guys... i am new to these things and i just wanted to know if i am gay or not
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 44 y/o  flag Dubai, United Arab Emirates
simple, down to earth, love travelling, camping, fishing etc
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 21 y/o  flag pasay, Philippines
Simple yet attractive
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 26 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
kind and fun to be with
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 24 y/o  flag Quezon city, Philippines
LUST & LOVE must go together.. Im looking for a textpal/friend. :D
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 26 y/o  flag mandaluyong, Philippines
tahimik akong tao, mahiyain, naghahanap ng magiging kaibigan, mas gusto kung nakikinig lang ako, pero gusto ko matalino kausap ko ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 22 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
Discreet Guy, Good, Nice, Gentelman, I love rock music and playing guitars. Better to know me first for more information ;-)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 32 y/o  flag QC, Philippines
loves to travel and meet people, I hope to mee you guys kahet san
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 23 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
Kind and sincere open for serious relationship
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 33 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
I am hot and passionate
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 29 y/o  flag naga, Philippines
before u message attach a pic of urs. not into sex...i want my life to be discreet as possible kaya prefer ko discreet. bat kaya ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 25 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Simple minded person
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 23 y/o  flag legazpi, Philippines
i am here because im here..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 27 y/o  flag Davao City, Philippines
jame_hoydavao find me and ill ind you
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 30 y/o  flag pasig city, Philippines
average looking guy.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 26 y/o  flag rizal, Philippines
chubby but jolly tall but wide
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 24 y/o  flag San fernando City, Philippines
im pinoy looking for fun.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 23 y/o  flag bacolod, Philippines
cute , young, slim :):):)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 22 y/o  flag Laguna, Philippines
Hello! I've been a member of this website for a long time now, and I'm still looking for a relationship with a guy or a girl. It d...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 27 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
I wanna travel around the world and meet all hot guys!!!hehehe
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 25 y/o  flag dasmarinas, Philippines
hi to all i hope to enjoy here
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 27 y/o  flag San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
I'm generally regarded as a sweet, funny, loving person. I mostly find enjoyment in less complicated stuff, though I'm always read...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 22 y/o  flag Iligan City, Philippines
Single guy looking for friendship or relationship depends on where it brought to us. I am Simple, Caring, Loyal, and Honest guy wi...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 22 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Thomasian pride... Average looks... Totally not out. Lustful
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 22 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
Chinito, maputi tsaka mabait
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 23 y/o  flag bacolod ciyy, Philippines
Im a young daddy, literally i have a kid, turns 6 yo. Im straight acting guy, cute and simple
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 26 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
Fun to be with:-) lets get to know each other and see what happens
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 28 y/o  flag cavite, Philippines
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. love to suck it
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 23 y/o  flag Baguio City, Philippines
Do what we love and live it!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 27 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
I am looking for a cute and hansdome boyfriend for a serious relationship. Preferrable mabalbon ang kamay (not a must but plus fac...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 19 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 20 y/o  flag bacolod city, Philippines
Hope you like me guys. :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 21 y/o  flag Laguna, Philippines
Mapapakambyo ka talaga.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 22 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
HI. i love to eat,drink and read good books and i also love boys :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 18 y/o  flag cagayan de oro, Philippines
hi im mark 18 you call me on my phone here's my phone number 09261813918
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 34 y/o  flag riyadh, Saudi Arabia
I would like to have fun
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 51 y/o  flag mandaluyong, Philippines
USA resident for 25 years from Las Vegas. Professional travel consultant, world class traveller, culinary afficionado, tattoo fana...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 19 y/o  flag davao city, Philippines
"Im a kind of person who is nice to be with and could make your every single day a momentum one"
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 21 y/o  flag calamba city laguna, Philippines
simple guy willing to meet a hot man ;)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 26 y/o  flag Imus, Philippines
I've just started to explore. Hoping to meet a foreigner or a local partner
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 24 y/o  flag iloilo city, Philippines
adventurous, determined to find my purpose
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 24 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
looking for partner in life.. decent guy only
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 21 y/o  flag Imus, Philippines
*Finding a friend or a companion*bored*wanna hang-out*tagapayo :DFYI. I don't eat humans :) Feel free to PM me :))
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag Pasay/Davao, Philippines
IT Grad Bisdak from Davao Work at Pasay
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 20 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
mabait simple sweet maalalahanin at masipag
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 23 y/o  flag Las Piñas, Philippines
Man at his best✌Part-time blogger.Determined dreamer. 90's kid looking for some fun. Keep Calm Because Y.O.L.O!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 28 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
What you see is What you get.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 20 y/o  flag Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Young and fresh. Looking for some action.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag general santos city, Philippines
i am looking for a partner in life(foreignmen is a plus)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 22 y/o  flag makati, Philippines
Hi im a simple man and ugly im very friendly and look some LTR
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 36 y/o  flag Bacolod, Philippines
We can talk thru Skype! Just let me know. I am serious about having new friends.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 53 y/o  flag Yellowknife, Canada
I am looking for a lifetime partner for friendship and love.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 30 y/o  flag RIYADH, Saudi Arabia
im simple lets talk skype  jake_cute30 i will be waiting for you..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 35 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
just msg me if your interested...            
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 29 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
Simple person that would like to have somefun
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 26 y/o  flag san fernando, Philippines
Simple lang akong tao; mahiyain;minsan din kalog; madaling mapa-ibg lalo pagtype kita
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