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http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 29 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
tall dark and dark...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 21 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Just bored. hmm. talk to me. :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 23 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
Nothing much on the surface, just your regular guy with a dash of weirdness. Don't be afraid, I don't bite... that hard. Hit me up...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 20 y/o  flag Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
Discreet here, need those who are discreet as well, and when i say discreet it doesn't usually mean hiding from anyone...keep a lo...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 23 y/o  flag davao city, Philippines
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 35 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Looking for no-strings-attached hot fun. Fuck first, talk later ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 21 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
sana ikaw na ang hinahanap q T_T ...  
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 34 y/o  flag Bangkok, Thailand
Looking for that young Pinoy guy that can be my baby and who'll take care of me too. If you are the one I will find all ways for u...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 33 y/o  flag makati , Philippines
hmmm.. people says im kind(well, maybe=) but not as good asthey are implying.. i feel uncomfortable on those wordsregarding moral ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 18 y/o  flag cavite, Philippines
simple, not very attractive but i hope we can get along
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 26 y/o  flag Cavite, Philippines
Fun to be with...happy person...looking for a companion... Sincere and good looking
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 27 y/o  flag Alabang, Philippines
Sweet, caring, loving and kind! Simple, short, average. Understanding and I believe in the value of love and bond.:-)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 27 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
Known not to my real name due to privacy issues. I am a certified public accountant. Young and well educated. I am here to look fo...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 26 y/o  flag Dumaguete, Philippines
kinsay taga dumaguete og tanjay dira. Just having fun here, if your interested PM me, lets have Fun po
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 23 y/o  flag zamboanga, Philippines
im naughty.......hahahaaa
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 44 y/o  flag richmond, United States
cute,muscular, caring and very stable man
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 29 y/o  flag cavite, Philippines
i'm a bisexual but nobody knows my gender preference. maybe because i'm a career person and i just realized that i'm bisexual just...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 26 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
im hot and spontaneous
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 29 y/o  flag Caloocan, Philippines
hmmm.. fun anyone???
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 18 y/o  flag cebu, iloilo, Philippines
kind, respectful, thrustworthy and wild
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 31 y/o  flag central luzon, Philippines
hi. i am jr fron bulacan. hope to found the one here... skype  and fb: jrmybrain1983.. looking for the one i am not with look, i a...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 18 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 19 y/o  flag Paranaque, Philippines
Im an Theater actor, I love to listen music, im an achitecture student. :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 32 y/o  flag whitecourt, Canada
chat me for you to find out
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 24 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
I'm a shy type but once you teased me, I'll bite back.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 33 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
Discreet man. responsible.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 22 y/o  flag las pinas, Philippines
very simple but matured...adventorous and easy to be with
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 29 y/o  flag Cebu City, Philippines
I am a shy person but a nice guy. I like reading and learning new things.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 21 y/o  flag makati, Philippines
hey nice man cool discreet college
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 27 y/o  flag Muntinlupa, Philippines
Hi! I'm McJ (mack'jay), 26, Filipino. I stand 5'8" tall, have a medium and firm built, am slightly fair in color, am with short ha...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 20 y/o  flag Chicago, United States
I'm a college student who just wanna mingle around the net. Nothing more really. I can speak tagalog and english fluently. I'm ope...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 20 y/o  flag Makati , Philippines
simple lang ako . decent guy , metrosexual , kalog kausap hilig ko kumanta kahit hindi maganda boses ko . hehe trying hard hindi a...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 25 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
Hi I'm looking for hot partner.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 28 y/o  flag Davao, Philippines
handsome, 5'6 guy and has a fun size. if you know what i mean
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 47 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
I love to mentor younger guys.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 52 y/o  flag Caloocan, Philippines
I am an average built person. 5'5 in height.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 34 y/o  flag Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Hi I'm 27m live in jeddah looking for fun wid pinoys Kareed252@gmail.com
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 28 y/o  flag Quezon, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 22 y/o  flag pasig, Philippines
Round face with blue eyes
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 20 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
just new here i realy dont know whats going on here :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 19 y/o  flag Baguio City, Philippines
just ask about me through chat or whatever :))
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 29 y/o  flag Las piñas, Philippines
I'm an outgoing type of guy, loves outdoors. I'm a doctor by profession that's why i love to mingle with people, im easy to get al...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 22 y/o  flag Valenzuela, Philippines
Hi new here. Hope to find friends, sexmate hehehe and a possible partner :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 37 y/o  flag caloocan, Philippines
With good breeding.  Sensible person.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 26 y/o  flag bulacan, Philippines
In Search. Just curious. Hope to find happiness here:)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 30 y/o  flag cabanatuan, Philippines
Simple,What you see,is what you get!!!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 28 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
Nothing much just looking around for something great and new.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag Daly City, United States
ouhxcljsdhfv.sDNV dsvnsd,vndslvsdlnm\ i have noyjing to say with this crap
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 23 y/o  flag Paranaque, Philippines
i m not looking for the perfect partner but inly the right one for me
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 43 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
42 yrs. old, closeted in manila. looking for men 55+ and cuddly
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 22 y/o  flag Tagum City, Philippines
simply being me....................................................................
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 19 y/o  flag Dumaguete, Philippines
oh hi! I love to meet new friends and more than friends hahhaha...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 27 y/o  flag makati city, Philippines
Looking for genuine long term relationship!! Am open minded Looking to meet new people...It's a long and winding road but the sce...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 21 y/o  flag cabadbaran, Philippines
simple, a littlebit of funny guy.. serious type of person.. open-minded..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 20 y/o  flag cebu city, Philippines
simple, nice , smart , jolly
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 29 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
luking for decent and matured chatmatw
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 34 y/o  flag makati, Philippines
hi Im Ice Ramirez from Makati. Im not here to destroy my reputation. but im here to find my luck to have a long term relationship....
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 24 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
nice guy good looking with sense of humor
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 25 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
discreet bottom tondoy boy
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 23 y/o  flag LEGAZPI, Philippines
tall, dark, not so hondsome
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 31 y/o  flag Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
hi, ako si, ako si, ako si...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 18 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Nobody knows who I really am.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 20 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
nothing for now. will update some other time    
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 21 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
Serious but fun at times :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 22 y/o  flag Caloocan, Philippines
Silent means yes!!! Simplicity makes my self more interesting =)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag Las Pinas, Philippines
Too blessed to be stressed.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 22 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Neat. Matangkad. Student. Decent. Goodcatch sweety
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 37 y/o  flag Taguig, Philippines
Very discreet and very simple......
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 19 y/o  flag Solano, Philippines
im good in dancing and singning ..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 25 y/o  flag San Pablo City, Philippines
I wanna meet around the area to make some fun..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 47 y/o  flag Singapore, Singapore
I am a fun loving man that love to meet new people. I am 183m, 91kg, trim, easy going and fun to be around. I can be intimate, ro...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 29 y/o  flag Bacolod City, Philippines
Hi, i want to meet a foreign discreet foreign gay men. I do a lot in terms of sex but safe.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 30 y/o  flag Angeles City, Philippines
How's everybody??? Advance Merry Xmas to all!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 19 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Hi, so I'm a discreet bisexual No one in my family knows about it I'm a bottom in m2m, a bit chubby, willing to do it if you're ne...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 21 y/o  flag iligan city, Philippines
humble, caring, thoughtful, someone that you can lean on:)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 27 y/o  flag Urdaneta, Philippines
I am a young guy who loves to be taken care of
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 29 y/o  flag taguig, Philippines
I'm just an ordinary person. I'm not a party animal. I used to roam around at the park. I love nature. I always do window shoppin...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 20 y/o  flag las piñas city, Philippines
5'3, good-looking, talented
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 26 y/o  flag Rizal, Philippines
chubby but jolly ! tall but wide !!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 30 y/o  flag davao, Philippines
i take up culinary arts and political science. i am a person who are easy to be with simple and down to earth, i love to travel an...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 18 y/o  flag Cebu City, Philippines
i am looking for a man older than me who can be my good friend and eventually, my partner.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 25 y/o  flag New York, United States
Simple, Loving and Caring.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 23 y/o  flag baguio city, Philippines
happy guy for a happy person
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 23 y/o  flag Baguio, Philippines
Simple yet fun to be with.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag DASMARIÑAS, Philippines
hello fgdgdgfdhrdtyhrtyrtydf g rtyerhgfh
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 19 y/o  flag Baguio, Philippines
I'm fair skinned, squint-eyed, 75% Igorot, 25% Ilocano, usuaally speak English, and.... that's all... haha
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 22 y/o  flag Mandaluyong, Philippines
Hi I wanna meet someone for fun or LTR
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 37 y/o  flag Albany, Australia
I look forward to see you guys sometime...somewhere...and have fun
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
ayun! simple at mabait na kaibigan masaya kasama kasi hindi ka magugutom pag ako kasama mo.... :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 23 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
What you see isnt normally what you get
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 21 y/o  flag naga city, Philippines
hot as hell. hot as hell hot as hell.. hot as hell. hot as hell. hot as hell. hot as hell. hot as hell. hot as hell. hot as hell. ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 27 y/o  flag gapo, Philippines
nice.simple awefergegergwfveqwetvert
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 23 y/o  flag pasay, Philippines
hmmm.....meet me first..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 23 y/o  flag Davao City, Philippines
Looking for a serious relationship... I'm done with flings... I hope I'd meet my special someone here... add me in fb... clikerz@g...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 24 y/o  flag Davao City, Philippines
be true to who you are
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 40 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
I prefer to chat and to get to know the person a bit.  So message me.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 21 y/o  flag zobel roxas, manila, Philippines
hey im kid, 20, working in a callcenter industry, single
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 34 y/o  flag Secret cove in the middle of nowhere, United States
Not much to say, just chat and ask me whatever.   If you have pics, I have Facebook. I'm 32 but look a lot younger, just add me on...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 35 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
Getting Old in numbers but still GOODLOOKING GUY. still hoping to meet and be with my other half.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 22 y/o  flag antipolo city, Philippines
09165473303 or 09176223893 txt me!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 26 y/o  flag Mandaluyong, Philippines
simple guy who loves to cuddle and be cuddled, A good kisser
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 22 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
simple if you want to contact me just txt to my number 09465716366
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 39 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
average but curious.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 45 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
mature guy seeking friends who are nice, kind, humble, responsible, humourous, stable, sensible and discreet.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 23 y/o  flag Cebu City, Philippines
Im interested in meeting up some good friends and company.! just see me in person. i'm cool to hang out with! cute guy hir. you wo...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 25 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
set me free. set me free. set me free. set me free. set me free. set me free. set me free. set me free. set me free. set me free. ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 22 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
hi im new here! you can just message if you are interested. :) I prefer caucasian looking guys, but i don't discard the though of ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 19 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
i like to meet new people and make new friends ;)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 22 y/o  flag valenzuela, Philippines
.My friends call me Mond. Sometimes they call me on my surname..I was born on June 21, 1992..5'8.5 in height when i was 16. It did...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 23 y/o  flag Singapore, Philippines
Simple yet funny, you would certainly love to be with me.
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