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http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 22 y/o  flag makati, Philippines
Hi im a simple man and ugly im very friendly and look some LTR
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 36 y/o  flag Bacolod, Philippines
We can talk thru Skype! Just let me know. I am serious about having new friends.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 53 y/o  flag Yellowknife, Canada
I am looking for a lifetime partner for friendship and love.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 30 y/o  flag RIYADH, Saudi Arabia
im simple lets talk skype  jake_cute30 i will be waiting for you..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 35 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
just msg me if your interested...            
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 29 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
Simple person that would like to have somefun
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 26 y/o  flag san fernando, Philippines
Simple lang akong tao; mahiyain;minsan din kalog; madaling mapa-ibg lalo pagtype kita
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 28 y/o  flag antipolo, Philippines
wild and hot. willing to do anything and everything, i can be ur slave. gangbang is ok
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 25 y/o  flag Mandaluyong, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag iloilo, Philippines
nice looking discreet
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 27 y/o  flag angeles, Philippines
what you see is what you get
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 23 y/o  flag Calamba, Philippines
Hey! Are you the One?
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 24 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
Hi im new here, i need some
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 27 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Simple and Down to Earth Guy here
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 20 y/o  flag jeddah - yanbu, Saudi Arabia
hi, i'am Osama, 20yo
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 37 y/o  flag muntinlupa, Philippines
im just a simple guy who's searching for my soulmate.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 29 y/o  flag lucena, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag Honolulu, United States
Looking for the right man that I can be with for the rest of my life.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 29 y/o  flag quezon city / rizal, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 23 y/o  flag makati, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 20 y/o  flag Paranaque, Philippines
No flamboyant dudes. "09274490983" Globe
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 27 y/o  flag qc, Philippines
i'm single looking for someone
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 20 y/o  flag QC, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 22 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
5'7'' tall 122 Ibs, Body: slim ( planning to work it up.. ) kind, smart, cool to be with.. love hangout, party and i drink moderat...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 22 y/o  flag Davao, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 24 y/o  flag taguig, Philippines
Smily face, ok than good than great
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag makati, Philippines
I need you to be part of my life
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 22 y/o  flag surigao city, Philippines
i haven't experience any physical relation with a same sex. and sometimes i feel this urges to do it. :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 25 y/o  flag Nabua, Philippines
I am one of the nice guy in the Philippines.. :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 25 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
Just ask me then ill answer... no worry im not snob...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag I am in BE now, Philippines
just me, i want to continue exploring myself!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 26 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
i want to have a good start
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 23 y/o  flag Mandaluyong, Philippines
Waiting for the half of my life. A lifetime partner. I'm not into sex.   I'm looking for a lifetime and serious companion. Yung ac...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
when class starts I usuallly hit on my books, I'm the typical guy with eyeglasses but when vacation sets in I can party as hard as...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 19 y/o  flag batangas city, Philippines
SLIM. 5'6 in height. Fair skin complexion. Big black eyes.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 25 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
Naghahanap ako ng katulad kong tago sa kinagisnang mundo...ung pilit itinatago ang katauhang hindi dpat malaman ng ibah sana mahan...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 25 y/o  flag batangas, Philippines
funny and simple... i also eenjoy having conversation with others most memorable life..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 19 y/o  flag davao city, Philippines
About me im not goodlooking i admit that i even hate myself havin body that i have, but atleast i do look better that the ugliest ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 24 y/o  flag bacolod, Philippines
simple,hot and sexy!..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 19 y/o  flag Las Pinas, Philippines
Just a guy who wants to experience these kind of things. Not yet ready to take it in my ass..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 28 y/o  flag Manila, Parañaque, Quezon City, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 23 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 23 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Hi! :)))))   Get to know me better.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 24 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
Not handsome not ugly. Average, but some says I have a strong sex appeal.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 21 y/o  flag Lipa, Philippines
lets have some fun :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 19 y/o  flag tacurong city, Philippines
they say that im handsome. I dont know if its true. just look at my picture and tell me if its true ;-)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 27 y/o  flag cavite city, Philippines
im simple person with sense,  and wahahhahaha.....
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 24 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
Simply looking for a long term relationship
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 18 y/o  flag Vigan City, Philippines
i have fair complexion. just know me more
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 20 y/o  flag batangas, Philippines
i am smart and adventurous
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 28 y/o  flag Makati City, Philippines
Just me, myself and I....My element: FireMy ruling planets: The SunMy Symbol: The LionMy birthstone: PeridotMy Life's Pursuit: To ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 28 y/o  flag pasig, Philippines
ortigas center,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.............................................................................
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 34 y/o  flag san diego, United States
hopeful. please make me smile.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 21 y/o  flag cavite, Philippines
chupaan, kiskisan, laplapan at espadahan ang trip ko :D looking for same PS. medyo chubby ako.. kung trip nyo ang chubby just beep...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 26 y/o  flag mandaluyong, Philippines
none none none nonenone
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 25 y/o  flag Taguig, Philippines
Hanap.Usap.Deal ? #discrete#manly
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 18 y/o  flag Calamba, Philippines
Love hot man especially younger than me.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 41 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Chubby here ! Looking for someone to talk to !
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 25 y/o  flag Chiang Mai, Thailand
average looking guy. simple. nice. loves to travel
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 30 y/o  flag Caloocan, Philippines
Im just curios, but want to meet honest and nice people
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 20 y/o  flag Quezon , Philippines
To find what you're truly looking for (which is love in most cases), you have to see through the initial looks which is the physic...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 28 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
simple person, friendly, and looking for someone who will understand my needs and my personality.. despite of who i am. Looking fo...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 40 y/o  flag San Fernando La Union, Philippines
Only here for sex with mature and experienced real-looking and discreet fuck buddies.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 27 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
..silent type..........................
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 28 y/o  flag manila, United Arab Emirates
simple lovable caring
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 21 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
i just want to find a serious relationship!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 19 y/o  flag San Jose Del Monte, Philippines
I am Horny and iw want to have relationship or to have sex with discreet Bottom Guy.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 28 y/o  flag vancouver, Canada
pogi, daring , like to travel and try anything new. love to kiss and cuddle
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 21 y/o  flag Quezon city, Philippines
Pogi daw!! jkahcvkhwkaHEnkln WVNSCREHI WVKCNJIOWS
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 24 y/o  flag kalibo, aklan, Philippines
athelitic always going to the gym after work
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 21 y/o  flag surigao city, Philippines
hello everyone! i'm justin from philippines.just feel free to leave a message if your interested.... i am fun to be with and i lov...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 28 y/o  flag Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
just ask me! and feel free..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 33 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
looking for partner... ask me in person
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 26 y/o  flag Sta. Rosa, Philippines
I am looking for good chat and a travel buddy
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 26 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
sweet, honest,,love to meet new people
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 25 y/o  flag Valenzuela City, Philippines
The typical Guy..shy but sometimes loud, dipende sa kasama, adventurous and brave, I'm a Good Guy
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 19 y/o  flag metro manila, Philippines
5`7 handsome baby face :D
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 26 y/o  flag san fernando city, Philippines
Anything this site can offer....
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 34 y/o  flag olongapo city, Philippines
i am just me...plain and simple.im not looking for one night stand...if it clicks then it clicks..i am decent yet simple. :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 74 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
i like travel, playing badminton, surfing in the internet, i talk a lot i really love to share conversation to other so thus liste...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 39 y/o  flag cagayan de oro city, Philippines
down to earth na naghanap ng kapareho mabait sa mabait mahilig makinig sa music at masipag sa trabaho. sana makahanap ng matinong ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 31 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Looking for Adventure
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 26 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
Hi. i want to find someone who wants to have fun and if possible be the "one"
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 19 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 18 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
I like to read books and hang out with friends. I'm 18 I love to watch animes I love to eat pizza and ice cream.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 24 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 22 y/o  flag gapan city, Philippines
am simple man am looking for gay or bi
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 29 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
tall dark and dark...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 21 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Just bored. hmm. talk to me. :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 23 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
Nothing much on the surface, just your regular guy with a dash of weirdness. Don't be afraid, I don't bite... that hard. Hit me up...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 21 y/o  flag Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
Discreet here, need those who are discreet as well, and when i say discreet it doesn't usually mean hiding from anyone...keep a lo...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 23 y/o  flag davao city, Philippines
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 35 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
Looking for no-strings-attached hot fun. Fuck first, talk later ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 21 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
sana ikaw na ang hinahanap q T_T ...  
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 35 y/o  flag Bangkok, Thailand
Looking for that young Pinoy guy that can be my baby and who'll take care of me too. If you are the one I will find all ways for u...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 33 y/o  flag makati , Philippines
hmmm.. people says im kind(well, maybe=) but not as good asthey are implying.. i feel uncomfortable on those wordsregarding moral ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 18 y/o  flag cavite, Philippines
simple, not very attractive but i hope we can get along
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 26 y/o  flag Cavite, Philippines
Fun to be with...happy person...looking for a companion... Sincere and good looking
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 27 y/o  flag Alabang, Philippines
Sweet, caring, loving and kind! Simple, short, average. Understanding and I believe in the value of love and bond.:-)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 27 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
Known not to my real name due to privacy issues. I am a certified public accountant. Young and well educated. I am here to look fo...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 26 y/o  flag Dumaguete, Philippines
kinsay taga dumaguete og tanjay dira. Just having fun here, if your interested PM me, lets have Fun po
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 24 y/o  flag zamboanga, Philippines
im naughty.......hahahaaa
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 44 y/o  flag richmond, United States
cute,muscular, caring and very stable man
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 29 y/o  flag cavite, Philippines
i'm a bisexual but nobody knows my gender preference. maybe because i'm a career person and i just realized that i'm bisexual just...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 26 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
im hot and spontaneous
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 29 y/o  flag Caloocan, Philippines
hmmm.. fun anyone???
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 19 y/o  flag cebu, iloilo, Philippines
kind, respectful, thrustworthy and wild
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 31 y/o  flag central luzon, Philippines
hi. i am jr fron bulacan. hope to found the one here... skype  and fb: jrmybrain1983.. looking for the one i am not with look, i a...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 18 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png 19 y/o  flag Paranaque, Philippines
Im an Theater actor, I love to listen music, im an achitecture student. :)
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