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http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 26 y/o  flag General santos City, Philippines
Understanding, sincere and good looking
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
im a chubby in both personality and heart..... please dont hesitate to message me if interested!!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
hehe just chat me :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 22 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
simple easy friendly
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 30 y/o  flag Angeles, Philippines
To see is to believe
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 26 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm, and You are the music. BBM Pin 26CCAF1A
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 39 y/o  flag laguna, Philippines
a single person with utmost interest in lasting relationship.has the drive to explore every aspect of sex
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 21 y/o  flag laguna, Philippines
looking for any person to accet me.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 28 y/o  flag Talisay, Philippines
hi there. :) i want to meet someone for some good time :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 25 y/o  flag washington , United States
have a fun all the time lol
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 33 y/o  flag Cabanatuan City, Philippines
Come and get me!Come and get me!Come and get me!Come and get me!Come and get me!Come and get me!Come and get me!Come and get me!Co...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 21 y/o  flag imus, Philippines
hi i'm jten from imus.. i love to hang out and partying.. i love drinking too.. if ur interested with me.. u can message me.. let'...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 28 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
I'm your sky and you are my star. Date me!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 32 y/o  flag Iligan, Philippines
Married, professional, very discreet... still look young.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 30 y/o  flag Pasay City, Philippines
28 years old, single, wanna have some fun
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
cool and nice guy ........................................................
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 24 y/o  flag Greenville, SC, United States
Hi :) I just love life and want to be a friend. I want to show you I can be kind and wait for you to learn to love me :). Anything...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 23 y/o  flag pampanga, Philippines
im looking serious relationship
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 24 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
cum jakol masturbate fucking sucking bareback sex
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 21 y/o  flag taguig city, Philippines
im 18 cute/gwapo makulit  maputi
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 21 y/o  flag Cebu, Philippines
Hi I'm a bet new here just want to meet new friends....
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag davao, Philippines
just ask for my number and we will see where it goes...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 24 y/o  flag baguio, Philippines
im a simple guy looking for a STRAIGHT guy. my contact number is 09304945216
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 24 y/o  flag Calapan City Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
pure top here :)) man. always ready for fun :))
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
I am free spirited and independent pinoy. I would love share my culture and also experience new ones.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag taguig, Philippines
good lover and good provider
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 22 y/o  flag cavite, Philippines
simple :) ..........
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 24 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
im cutethanks to allim prett..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 24 y/o  flag puerto princesa, Philippines
nothing but to live simple...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 30 y/o  flag Malolod, Philippines
Just luking for someone who‘s willing to be my best bud.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 27 y/o  flag Las Piñas, Philippines
Simple yet down to earth type of person.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag Ormoc City Philippines, Philippines
im carl ... funny , smiling , good kisser ,tall , and cute kind of person ... add mu aku sa FB (carloonoeldarantinao@yahoo.com)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 27 y/o  flag taguig, Philippines
Simple and keen person. Love to travel in any place and maybe that's why told me the adventorero man.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 54 y/o  flag pretoria, South Africa
Ordinary guy, gym fit, looking for young slim versatile philipphine boy for LTR. To love and to care for. Must be prepared to relo...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag Winnipeg, Canada
Hello. How are you? :D
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 24 y/o  flag cebu , Philippines
hi everyone, i'm just looking for serious relationship here  :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 20 y/o  flag Candanay south, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 23 y/o  flag Malaybalay, Philippines
just see me in person mga dude...don't want to have alter egos coz i don't wan't to be a poser, how ever my disreecy is very impor...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 24 y/o  flag makati, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 20 y/o  flag iligan city, Philippines
i just want to try sex cause girls are hard to convince and it seems to be fun
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag cebu, Philippines
HI nice to meet you!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 26 y/o  flag Muntinlupa, Philippines
drop a message if your interested :)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 37 y/o  flag Las pinas, Philippines
Chubby but not too much, expert in everything
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 20 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
I am really 14 years old.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png pisces 27 y/o  flag baguio, Philippines
just a simple person looking for same
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 24 y/o  flag Davao City, Philippines
Loyal, honest cute, responsible, intelligent 
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 25 y/o  flag gingoog, Philippines
im a single find a partner forever
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 25 y/o  flag bulacan, Philippines
I want person who will love me for who and what I am.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 21 y/o  flag Taguig, Philippines
Hello. I am John ,17, an icoming sophomore student at FEU :) I'm looking for friends and buddies here :) I prefer those who are a...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 24 y/o  flag cavite city, Philippines
just Love myseLf what who i am i am sexy Hot
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 36 y/o  flag romblon, Sweden
hi there just wanna know if this would help fine my special someone to be in this site...im working in sweden at the moment...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 23 y/o  flag Sacramento, United States
attractive-masculine-discreet i look &act straight -so no one knows im interested in dudes. &i dont want someone who looks...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 25 y/o  flag lapu-lapu city, Philippines
f you're looking for a boy.....look somewhere else....but if you want to get to know a real man who is open,honest,kind,protects ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 31 y/o  flag Cebu City, Philippines
I am new here and I am looking forward to meet new poeple. :-)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png leo 28 y/o  flag san juan, Philippines
im a simple guy with a simple want. All i want is LOVE and LOVE he'll get in return.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 24 y/o  flag Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
Not your ordinary guy.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png gemini 23 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
i hope to look for the real love.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 34 y/o  flag pasay, Philippines
defenitely this will be the site where i can find my soulmate. i deserve to be happy and the only thing that i can do that is to f...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 25 y/o  flag quezon city, Philippines
brown, medbuilt, smart, simple, hard to get
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 21 y/o  flag cagayan de oro, Philippines
i just go with the flow
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 20 y/o  flag Paranaque, Philippines
Im hot if your hot....
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 24 y/o  flag Laguna, Philippines
Nothing special xD I'm just a guy trying to find his love... :P we don't know maybe its you xD
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 22 y/o  flag Bulacan, Philippines
ayos lang.. from bulacan .. 09358721160  
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 24 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
1. a statement, picture in words, or account that describes; descriptive representation. 2. the act or method of describing....
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 20 y/o  flag Cavite City, Philippines
Just a simple guy to look some friends ;)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 26 y/o  flag dubai, United Arab Emirates
.............................................................................................................................     ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 21 y/o  flag quezon, Philippines
Hi im a really nice guy, nice and gentle hahahah lol uummmmm i dont know what else to Say hahhaha... dont be shy to messge me:)
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 25 y/o  flag pasig, Philippines
friendly kind caring to know more be friends with me and know me
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 26 y/o  flag Dagupan, Philippines
Im cool. love me and take it away...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 23 y/o  flag manila, Philippines
simple naughty singkit moreno
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 25 y/o  flag Makati, Philippines
add me up guys jhay.d015
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 44 y/o  flag Cairns, Australia
All Good...................................... ................... ............... ....................
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 22 y/o  flag cavite, Philippines
im a good guy who is simple .  
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 24 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
just traing to have fun and do it in the showre
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 25 y/o  flag Caloocan, Philippines
Personally, I came to this site for friends or for having a significant other. Dates are cool too. Having a good conversation with...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png cancer 19 y/o  flag Marikina, Philippines
Yeah! I'm a go-with-the-flow guy! =))
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 27 y/o  flag bacolod, Philippines
simple person,..... tol white and cute...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png capricorn 24 y/o  flag Manila, Philippines
I'm a bisexual guy from Manila. Age doesn't matter. Of course, I love to play.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png sagittarius 26 y/o  flag Quezon City, Philippines
I'm a nice sweet decent guy happily looking around the site for pure friendship and fun, you'll definitely not regret meeting me. ...
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aries 20 y/o  flag Taguig, Philippines
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png scorpio 24 y/o  flag Valenzuela, Philippines
fair complexion, 5'3 in hieght adventureous guy.
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png aquarius 29 y/o  flag general santos city, Philippines
hot see me in person
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png taurus 34 y/o  flag antipolo, Philippines
A Very Loving guy.. Sweet..Thoughtful..Cheerful..Most of the time misinterpret because of my little childish attitude..
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png virgo 27 y/o  flag Quezon city, Philippines
Meet me up! Im game!
http://www.date-a-pinoy.com/templates/tmpl_dt_friends_blue/images/icons/tux.png libra 25 y/o  flag legazpi city, Philippines
i can never tell how good i am in anything, but come and be with me i'll show you what i can offer. i hate plasticity. just be rea...
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